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An important thing to consider while starting your blog is the name of your blog. Your blog name should be unique and attractive. That’s when you need blog name generator tools.

What Is A Blog Name Generator Tool?

To find some great blog names, several blog name generator tools are available to use. You have to enter a keyword related to your blog and the tool will generate a blog name. This tool also checks the availability of the domain names and gives the corresponding domain name suggestions related to your keyword. It also helps to buy and register your selected blog name. A unique blog name can help to build your brand name. If your domain name is matching your entered keywords then you could have an SEO benefit. Here we have shared some of the best blog generator tools that could help you.

1. DomainWheel (domainwheel.com)

Domain Wheel is a great blog name generator tool. It is simple to use and very creative. It shows a lot of available domain options. Add one or more keywords of your choice in the search field, click on the ‘search domain’ button and the domain wheel will show you many top domain names for your search.

You will get results in three categories. In first, it includes top domains like .com, .net, & .org. in a second, it will generate its own names, related to your input but will not use the keyword. And in the third, the domain name will be similar or rhyming to your keyword. The results will be the short names that can be used to build a good brand. You can purchase your new domain directly from the domain vendor by clicking on the selected domain.

2. Nameboy (nameboy.com)

Nameboy is the oldest and most popular blog name generator. Based on keywords, Nameboy comes up with suitable names for your blog. It is easy to use, quick, and highly efficient. You need to enter your keyword(s), click on the ‘Submit’ button and it will generate many creative blog names based on your keywords.

You can select the best name for your blog from hundreds of results. You can search again using different keyword combinations, synonyms, and more. Once you have selected your blog name, click the ‘View Details’ button next to your blog name chosen. Nameboy also offers a range of services to find, register, and maintain a domain name, thus making it one of the top selections among blog name generator tools.

3. Wordoid (wordoid.com)

Wordoid is an intelligent naming tool that helps you choose quality blog names for the blog. Enter your keyword, select the quality level, and select the language. Wordoid comes up with many options and their availability for registration.

Wordoid is free to use. But to view your previous search history or pin wordoids that want to visit later, you’ll have to sign in. You can sign in using Facebook or Google.

4. Panabee (panabee.com)

Panabee gives you a simple way to search for blog titles, company name generators, and social media usernames. Enter a keyword, click Search and you’ll have a list of available names based on your desired keywords. It also gives alternate suggestions derived from your keywords and related terms.

It is easy to know whether the names are available or not. The names with blue heart icons are available for registration and those with broken hearts in orange color are already taken. Once you select a name, you can click on it to proceed for registration.

More Domain Tools

There are many other blog name generator tools available. Here are a few of them that are particularly useful functions: 123finder – It keeps track of the date on which a particular domain name expires. Click on ‘?’ to find out who owns the name. Domainr – It allows you to search the entire domain space that includes more than 1700 Top Level Domains. Domain It – It offers URL forwarding means you can get multiple domain names that all point to the same website.

Lean Domain Search – This tool is from Automattic Inc, the people behind WordPress. It is free with an accuracy of 95%. Name Mesh – It gives you a suggestion of the names in many categories like short, fun, new, and SEO. Once you have your top blog name generator, make a list of 10-20 selected blog names you consider fit. Then cut them down to five and show them to the people you trust. See which one turns out to be the most appealing.