React.js is a powerful JavaScript library that allows web developers to create high-performance user interfaces and applications. Our React.js training course is designed to provide an in-depth introduction and comprehensive overview of this popular JavaScript library. Using modern best practices, participants will learn the fundamentals of building high-quality user interfaces for websites and applications.

Module 1: Introduction

  • Introduction to React JS
  • JSX
  • Components
  • Components Composition
  • Props / Prop types
  • Event handlers State
  • React JS Web App

Module 2: React JS Development with UI components

  • Understanding, Creating & Styling  the App
  • Inspecting Debugging Styles
  • Build-in components
  • Working With image
  • List View, Text input

Module 3: Advanced React JS Development

  • Storing Data – Realm For React JS
  • Integrating With Map APIs
  • Creative React JS Component
  • Routing
  • Employee Directory App
  • Integrating Data using API

Module 4: State management with React JS

  • Redux Basics
  • Redux Principles
  • Implementing Redux
  • React JS – Redux
  • Middleware
  • Counter App Demo